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Copyright and authorized use

All content (documents, videos, texts, illustrations and images) present in the pages of the website are protected by copyright. The Réseau allows the use of certain content shared on its platforms provided that certain rules are respected. Please note that you are not allowed to use the images, illustrations or photos on our platforms.

Content of the website

If you wish to insert a description of a massage technique or any other content deemed relevant on your web platforms, certain conditions must be respected:

  • Choose an excerpt of the text only (maximum of 75 words);
  • Insert the text excerpt with quotation marks;
  • Cite the source;
  • Insert a link to the page of our website.

Here is an example with the Swedish massage technique:

”The Swedish massage is a versatile technique providing many benefits. Both toning and relaxing for muscles, this technique also increases blood and lymphatic flow. It can be practiced both for therapeutic or relaxation purposes. The massage therapist will tailor the rhythm and depth of his procedures according to the needs of the client.” Read more here:

If you don’t want to embed a link that long, you could use other methods of embedding the URL. For example, you could shorten the link by creating a bitly link or by adding the link on a part of your text, like this:

As long as the conditions are respected for each of the borrowed excerpts, you can use part of the texts available on our website. Texts are subject to change as part of annual or spontaneous revision.

Blog content

Blog articles cannot be used in part or in full on other web platforms. The only way to share our blog articles is to insert the link to the full article on our website or to share the article via social networks.

Content shared on social networks

Content published on the association’s social networks can be shared on your professional pages. You must therefore use the “share” option under the publication you are interested in.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the content on the Réseau’s website and social networks, please contact us at