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Identity Change of Mon Réseau Plus

Mon Réseau Plus Will Become the Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec

A New Identity Coming in September 2018

On May 5, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Mon Réseau Plus announced an identity change that will take place in September 2018. This change will include simplifying our name, which will become the Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec, as well as a new visual identity. Feel free to consult our official announcement of the change.

Why the Identity Change?

What Are the Direct Impacts on Our Members

Insurance Receipts

We will continue to sell our current receipt booklets until September. Afterwards, members will have until the end of 2018 to use up all of their Mon Réseau Plus receipts. Starting in January 2019, members will be required to only offer the new receipts. This change will not affect client claims, since they will benefit from the usual 24 month claim period regardless of whether the receipt has the Mon Réseau Plus logo.

If members still have unused receipt booklets after the official launch date, they will have the opportunity to exchange them for free between the official launch date in September and December 15, 2018. Members will be told how to go about this a few weeks before the beginning of the exchange period.

Insurance Companies

The insurance companies have been informed of the coming changes. We will continue to communicate with them over the next few months in order to ensure that the information has been well understood. However, since this announcement simply involves an identity change and not the creation of a new association, there is no reason for this to cause difficulties for client claims.

If members should ever encounter any difficulties regarding this change, we ask that they please communicate with us directly so that we can correct the situation as soon as possible.

Instructions for Use of the Mon Réseau Plus Logo

After the launch, members will need to stop using the Mon Réseau Plus logo as quickly as possible. However, we are aware that this can be a challenge for some, and so we want members to have a transition period in order to facilitate the implementation of the new brand. We will therefore ask members to follow these three guidelines:

Using the New Logo

The new logo will be available for download by all members starting May 9, 2018, in the members section of our website. We have decided to make it available early in order to allow our members to more easily plan for the production of material bearing our logo. We ask, however, that members only begin using the new logo in September, once we have made the official launch.

Member Services

Association services will continue to be offered, with no interruption for members except for the production of business cards, which will be temporarily suspended starting May 7. Production will be re-established in mid-August, once we post montages featuring our logo online, so that members who wish to have new promotional material produced can have it ready before the launch in September.


For any questions regarding the identity change of Mon Réseau Plus, please feel free to communicate with us at