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Updated information for the COVID-19

Government Financial Assistance

The Réseau invites you to consult the summary of the measures announced by the governments of Québec and Canada produced by FBL – Society of Chartered Professional Accountants. You will find all the information concerning the various measures and their most recent updates. Please note that changes are regularly made to this document according to the announcements made by the governments. The Réseau undertakes to provide you with the link to the most recent document when it is available.

Sommaire des mesures – September 15, 2020 (in French only)*

You can also subscribe yourself to the FBL newsletter in order to receive the updated document.

We also invite you to consult the websites of the Government of Canada as well as that of the Government of Quebec to find up-to-date information on the various assistance available.

*The accounting firm with whom we made the presentation did not translate their document. However, it informed us that the Raymond Chabot interactive site seemed to provide good information.

Other measures


Note that several financial institutions (article in French only) have decided to defer the payment of their clients’ mortgages. We invite you to check directly with your financial institution.


Hydro-Québec has issued certain measures to help its customers. Here are the measures mentioned on their Web site:

«We are putting the following measures in place to help those affected:

  • We will not cut off power to anyone for non payment.
  • There will be no planned service interruptions for system maintenance, with the exception of those that are absolutely necessary.
  • Starting Monday, March 23, we will stop applying administration charges for unpaid bills until further notice for all customers. Customers unable to pay their electricity bills over the coming months will thus not be penalized. They can enter into a payment arrangement with Hydro Québec to defer payment.

If you expect to have trouble paying your bill, at any time you can make a payment arrangement online, in your Customer Space, or by phone, with one of our agents.»

Union des consommateurs

Several other service companies have decided to put in place measures to alleviate their customers’ financial commitments. We invite you to consult the Union des consommateurs’ web page (in French only) to quickly find out about the various measures available.

Online training

The Réseau wants to support its members in the development of their knowledge by offering free online training during the pandemic. You will find all the details on our webinar-training page by clicking here. Please note that our online trainings are held in French only. 

Temporary Office Closure of the Réseau

The Réseau team will be working from home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are closed indefinitely. Our services are still provided by our employees who are now working from home. Renewals can be made by phone at 1-800-461-1312 or on our website. Thank you for your understanding.