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Customer service best practices

Tools in terms of customer service best practices

Based on the accompanying tools from Tourisme Québec Guide of Good Practices (in french only), we have selected for you a series of documents from which you can draw inspiration to identify your communication procedures with your clients. We invite you to download those documents and, in order to help you improve your client approach, tailor them according to your needs. All documents are saved in Microsoft Office Word 2003 (.doc).

Client Communication

Upon arrival at your workplace, or during a telephone conversation, creating and maintaining good relationship with your clients requires good communication. Engaging conversation professionally will help you make a good impression on your current or future clientele.

  • Procedure for personalized welcome (to come up)
  • Common wording and mistakes to avoid on the phone (to come up)
  • Procedure for email, fax or mail communications (to come up)
Bonnes pratiques de service à la clientèle - Réseau des massothérapeutes

For more information, also check out the cancellations and late clients page.

Quality Assessment

In order to ensure the continuous improvement of your services, it’s always a good idea to analyze your customer service. These tools will give you some tips to conduct this assessment.

  • Assessment of client’s satisfaction (to come up)
  • Assessment of a website (to come up)
  • Language quality control (to come up)
  • Checklists for spas (to come up)