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Writing a curriculum vitae

All CVs, or resumes, must be clear and relevant. In addition, depending on your work experience and skills, you have different choices of structure. Here are three ways to do this to give you some ideas.

The different types
of CVs

Chronological order

The chronological CV emphasizes work experience in the same sector of activity or even field of employment. You must list the jobs you have held in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

This type of CV is recommended if:

  • You want to get a job in the same sector or field;
  • Your work experience or training shows some growth.

It is better not to use this format if:

  • Your career path includes periods of unemployment or frequent job changes;
  • You don’t want to give too much importance to the last job you had;
  • The link between your previous work experience and your new career goal is hard to decipher.

Sample chronological CV (PDF in French only)

Rédaction d’un curriculum vitae - Réseau des massothérapeutes

Functional or skills-based

The functional or skills-based CV presents information in a way that highlights your achievements or skills from past experiences, while focusing on what you have to offer. You must describe your skills starting with those most related to the job you are applying for.

This type of CV is recommended if:

  • You have little or no work experience;
  • You have held several jobs that are not related to one another;
  • You want to emphasize talents that you have never developed in a job;
  • You want to highlight transferable skills in a professional field that is not related to your past experiences.

It is best not to use this method if you want to highlight the progress of the positions you have held.

Example of a skills-based CV (PDF in French only)

Mixed method

The mixed CV is the most commonly used. It presents both your skills and work experience, grouped in chronological order.

This type of CV is recommended if:

  • You have often changed jobs;
  • You have a lot of experience in a field, but you have worked for several employers.

Generic editable template (DOC in French only)