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Information and measures for COVID-19

A word from the Réseau

~ Last update : September 27, 2021 11:00 am ~

Vaccination for healthcare workers

Vaccination is not mandatory for massage therapists working in the private sector.

The Quebec government confirmed this Friday evening that the announcement previously made concerning mandatory vaccination for health and social service workers did not apply to massage therapists working in the private sector. The Réseau had been waiting for more than two weeks for clarification of the announcement made by the Minister of Health and Social Services in early September. This confirmation came following the adoption of the decree by the Council of Ministers on Friday and the publication of new directives on the government website

According to the details published Friday, the announcement concerns any person who works or intervenes in places offering health or social services to users or housing vulnerable clienteles. It therefore only concerns therapists who practice in one of the settings where all personnel will be required to be vaccinated. This measure will come into effect on October 15.

Read the full statement

Vaccination passport

On August 24, the Quebec government announced the terms and conditions surrounding the implementation of a vaccination passport for activities deemed non-essential. The vaccine passport will not be required in the following environments:

  • Massage therapy;
  • Spa and saunas;
  • Shops and businesses offering personal and beauty care.

You will find all the information on the vaccination passport on the Quebec government website.

Relaxation measures

Following the latest relaxations announced by the Quebec government, the CNESST has published a summary poster (in French only) summarizing the updated relaxations in workplaces. Here is a summary of the relaxations:

  • Eye protection (glasses or visor) is optional for the therapist;
  • Cleaning of shared equipment is optional (e.g., payment device). However, cleaning of equipment between each client is mandatory;
  • • The recommended minimum distance is 1 meter outdoors if there is no physical barrier or if a procedure mask isn’t worn.

Other measures remain mandatory such as:

  • The wearing of the procedure mask is mandatory for the therapist;
  • The client must wear a face cover. The procedure mask for the client is always recommended by public health. We also remind you that the client’s mask can be removed when you are massaging the face or when the client is lying on his or her stomach;
  • The minimum distance of 2 meters is maintained indoors or when moving around if there is no physical barrier or if a procedure mask isn’t worn;
  • Exclusion of symptomatic persons;
  • Hand hygiene;
  • Respiratory etiquette;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces (toilets, dining rooms, etc.);
  • Cleaning of surfaces that are frequently touched at each shift.

For more information on the alert levels, we invite you to visit the Quebec government website. You will also find all the information related to the relaxation measures announced by the CNESST below (only available in French) :

Press release
Prevention measures by alert level
Summary table
Frequently asked questions

The Réseau reminds you that prevention measures apply in all massage therapy practice environments, whether you are working in a spa, clinic, commercial premises, private residence or client’s home. It is important to remember that there are measures specific to workplaces and that these measures apply to the practice of massage therapy.

Massage and vaccination

It is normally recommended not to massage the limb where the person was vaccinated (most often the arm) for 24 to 48 hours after the vaccine. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, the same recommendations apply. If the person has symptoms following the vaccination, we recommend that you wait until they have disappeared before giving a massage. We remind you that it is important to maintain the sanitary measures in effect whether the client is vaccinated or not. For more information, we invite you to contact the regional public health department in your area or call the Info-COVID line at 1-877-644-4545.

Border between Québec and Ontario

Also note that as of Wednesday, June 16, the border between Ontario and Quebec will reopen for non-essential travel.

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