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Resuming massage therapy activities

A word from the Réseau

~ June 15, 2020 ~

The Québec government has announced that the therapeutic care sector, in which massage therapy, kinesitherapy, and orthotherapy have been included, will be able to resume operations on June 1, 2020, throughout the Province of Québec. However, the return to work must be done according to the guidelines of the Institut National de la Santé publique du Québec (National Institute of Public Health of Québec (INSPQ), the Québec government, and the CNESST. In addition, the Réseau has joined with several other associations to produce a protocol of health standards adapted to massage therapy that will enable implementation of the new industry standards, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to consult all the documents and tools on this page in order to prepare yourself well.

Update of the INSPQ’s interim recommendations

As of June 8, 2020, the Institut National de la Santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) has made changes to its interim recommendations for private practice therapeutic care.*

First of all, overgarment are no longer mandatory. In addition, if it is worn, it is no longer necessary to change it between clients, just like the other clothing worn. In the updated document in French, it is stated that “le port d’un survêtement (blouse, sarrau) n’est pas obligatoire. S’il est porté, il doit être retiré et lavé à la fin de la journée de travail, comme pour les autres vêtements portés“. We have also obtained confirmation from CNESST concerning the overgarment. The CNESST will make the necessary modifications to its guide soon and we will do the same with the protocol for health standards in massage therapy.

Then, the second modification concerns the wearing of the mask by the client. Face covering is allowed for the client. The Réseau confirms what was understood by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) in the wording “Proposer au client de porter un couvre-visage lorsque possible”. Indeed, the wearing of a mask by the client is no longer mandatory.

Recommendations from governmental authorities
Nevertheless, governmental authorities continue to strongly recommend the wearing of a mask or face covering when social distancing (2 metres) is not possible. Among the guidelines are: “Anyone who goes to a health care facility, such as a hospital, a clinic, a doctor’s office or a family medicine group, should wear a procedure mask or a face covering. This recommendation applies to both the patient and the person who is with them. When the person arrives, the staff may ask them to wear a procedure mask.”

According to governmental authorities, wearing a face covering could help reduce the spread of the virus by an infected person, especially if that person is asymptomatic.

The Réseau therefore recommends that you suggest that your client wear a mask or face covering to add extra protection during a consultation.

*Note that the English version of the Interim Recommendations for Private Practice Therapeutic Care do not appear to have been updated yet. We invite you to refer to the French version.

Care in the therapist’s home and in the client’s home officially permitted

As of May 28, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Social Services has confirmed to us that massage therapists whose clinic is located in their home or who provide care at their clients’ homes and in businesses will be able to resume their activities on June 1.

Here is the confirmation we received from the Office of the Minister of Health and Social Services at 4:01 p.m. today.

“After consultation with public health authorities, here is the ruling:

Private health care, hairdressing, aesthetics services, etc. can be offered from the worker’s residence (e.g. hairdresser or massage therapist who offers services from their home, the client travels to the worker’s home) in accordance with the same recommendations as for a practice or commercial premises:

Health care, hairdressing, aesthetics, services, etc. could be offered at the client’s home (e.g. hairdresser or massage therapist). These services are not prohibited. We will be making recommendations for this type of situation in the coming days.”

Locations in commercial buildings

According to website, “Customers ouf a business other than a retail business, that is authorized to open, may pass through the common areas of a building or structure to enter that business, provided that the building or structure is not a hospital, a CHSLD, or a seniors’ residents. Of course, that sanitary rules set by the public health authorities must be respected.”

Protocol for health standards in massage therapy

INSPQ interim recommendations

CNESST guides


Hygiene and asepsis training

Hygiene and asepsis training for the massage therapy sector is now available on the Soins personnels Québec website. This 105-minute training presented by a microbiologist is offered free of charge until June 30 by the sector committee. This training will allow massage therapists to develop their knowledge base in these concepts, which will be essential to the resumption of activities.

Hygiene and safety training in massage therapy clinics (in French only)


List of protective equipment suppliers

The Réseau is sharing a list of protective equipment suppliers who are able to provide you with equipment such as procedural masks, visors, protective gowns, Plexiglas, etc. To place an order, you must contact the suppliers directly.

There are other equipment suppliers on the market. The Réseau continues to communicate with various companies to ensure that members have the inventory they require to practice. If you purchase products from other suppliers, we encourage you to follow these recommendations and ensure that supplies are approved by Health Canada.

The Soins personnels Québec sector committee has also created a guide of essential suppliers (in French only) that we invite you to consult as needed.

Distribution MA

Epiquebec can provide you with equipment such as surgical masks, protective gowns, visors, or disinfection products. You can order them on their transactional website, and pay by credit card. Delivery times are 2 to 7 days, depending on the region.

Epiquebec has provided us with a promotional code for our members that offers a 5% discount. The code is RMPQ-052020, and it will be applied when paying for the products in your shopping cart.

No delivery charges for pickup at the warehouse. Allow approximately 10$ for delivery in the Montreal area and 25$ for delivery outside of the greater Montreal area.


Premiers Soins Haute-Gatineau Inc.

Premiers Soins Haute-Gatineau Inc. is a company that specializes in first aid training, but also in the sale of protective equipment.

The company has a large inventory of procedure masks, disinfectants and other protective equipment. In order to develop a relationship of trust with its clientele, it offers you a free consulting service adapted to your reality and your needs. The company also donates part of its profiles to associations in the Gatineau region.

Members of the Réseau do not pay delivery charges on their order with the promotional code PSHG. To order, click here.


You don’t need to open an account for the first order. A $15 delivery fee applies. To reserve the desired quantities, the company is asking that you make your reservation now, using a pre-payment, because stocks are flying off the shelves.

You’ll find procedural masks, hydroalcoholic gel (70% +), visors, and gowns. To order, you can contact Polymed by phone at 514-737-2524 or by email at

Protech Allergies

Protech Allergies is a Quebec company that provides high-quality protective mattress covers.

In the context of the pandemic, it also offers the possibility of obtaining FDA-certified procedure masks. To order masks, click here.

Bouclier collectif

Bouclier collectif showcases an interesting Québec platform created by a group of Québec manufacturers. It allows you to streamline your search and carry out a global order by avoiding multiple delivery costs. It’s

An online store with all the protection items you need to resume your business:

  • Non medical masks, visors, and protective screens;
  • Sanitary products and cleaning stations;
  • Display and distancing products; you’ll find everything you need.

Managers of this platform can also refer you, via a personalized service. For any special requests or useful information about their products, please contact Evelyne Beauchesne at 819-336-6746.

Consolidation promotion

As part of our association, you will be able to benefit from the following promo code: RMPQ to get 10% off your order.

Online shop at the


Mikadan is a company that provides equipment for healthcare professionals and specializes in meeting the needs of self-employed massage therapists or small teams.

Orders can be placed by phone or via the internet. Many products are available in small sizes at very affordable prices. People living in the Québec City area can take advantage of the contactless door-to-door selection service, which avoids delivery costs. For outside customers, delivery services are provided by Canada Post, Dicom, or Canpar, based on their rates.

You’ll find all the products for your clinic right here.


Serico offers the purchase of Plexiglas and distancing stickers for your clinics.

You can order directly from their website at


The cultural development company of Saint-Casimir Artéfact urbain, Deveau 3D from St-Marc-des-Carrière and makers from Québec City and Montreal have joined forces to build a relay production line to produce visors in accordance with Health Canada’s recommendations.

It is possible to get visors on a unit basis or in batches. Use the promotional code masso10 for 10% off when paying for your order at


The company Atra3D provides visors, respiratory mask ties, and hand-free door openers.

Réseau members can save $2 on the purchase of a visor with the RMPQ promotional code applicable when validating the order. Just click here for a link that will automatically apply the promo code. You will find all the other products on their website at

For government and financial assistance as well as additional information on COVID-19, you can always check out our information update web page.

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