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On-site massage

Increasingly popular, the on-site massage is an effective, simple and affordable way to allow your employees to discover the benefits of massage therapy. The therapists providing this care move to your workplace on request and bring all the equipment necessary to provide a quality care. Therefore, they only need a secure area to proceed to their care.

Beneficial effect of massage on employees

Recognized since several years, the beneficial effects of on-site massages are numerous. They include:

Increased productivity

The relaxation massage allows people to have a better management of the stress they face daily. By reducing stress from employees, the risk for burnout problems is severely reduced.

Injury prevention

Muscular tension due to repetitive movements is the cause of many cases of work stoppage. The therapeutic care of massage therapy professionals makes it possible to detect physical problems before they become problematic, thus reducing the risk of accidents at work with employees, who become more attentive to their movements.

Reduced absenteeism

Another important issue within companies is the absenteeism caused by different health problems. By improving sleep and the general fitness of employees, massage therapy reduces the number of absences at work.

Improvement in work life quality

The recruitment and retention of employees are often priority issues for Québec companies. You can demonstrate your competitive edge by putting forth that you are offering massage therapy to your employees. It’s also a good way to improve your employees’ sense of belonging.

Chair massage: the ideal office solution

Chair massage offers flexibility and convenience to overworked workers as it usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes per employee and is done oil-free over clothes. The employee is ready to resume work as soon as the care is completed. You can offer this service during a “week of health and prevention” at work or during a social event, or at corporate events such as golf tournaments, congresses, shows and conferences.

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Massage en entreprise - Réseau des massothérapeutes

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