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Biocorporel massage

Biocorporel massage is often associated with a mix of three massage techniques. First, the dynamic manoeuvres of Swedish massage allow releasing muscular tension. Then, the long and fluid enveloping movements of the Californian massage provide a deep relaxation.

This care finally includes passive mobilizations, as proposed by a kinesitherapy care; to make this care comprehensive, this last feature of the biocorporel massage allows you to gently stretch and release tension of the joints.


Biocorporel massage combines the benefits of those three techniques, while allowing a deep muscle and nervous system relaxation. It also helps prevent musculoarticular pain.

Biocorporel massage Réseau des massothérapeutes


Biocorporel massage is performed on a massage table, with oil or gel. While massaging the whole body with the Californian’s enveloping type of massage manoeuvres, the therapist will also perform both a specific and segmented massage, an approach based on Swedish massage. Some muscular mobilizations can also be performed.


Contraindications to biocorporel massage remain the same as for Swedish or Californian massage techniques: fever, infection, wounds or skin problems and a history of cardiac disorders.

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