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Californian massage

The Californian massage is practiced with oils to ease the long motions that are particular to this technique. It is a psychocorporeal approach type of massage, which means that it takes care of the body’s entirety, equally on a physical, psychological and emotional level.

The Californian massage is characterized by long, fluid and smooth movements that sculpt and envelop the body to allow the client to reclaim it and to become aware of it. During the care, the massage therapist, who acts has a reassuring presence, always stays in direct contact with the client. It allows the client to relieve stress, to refocus and to deeply relax.

The Californian massage is from California, as its name says, and its creation dates back to the 70’s, in the Esalen Institute. Its technique derived from the Swedish massage, from which it kept specific motions (long motions, sliding pressures, kneading and rotation friction) but its gentle characteristics after came from the Esalen massage.


The Californian massage is for all ages, as well as for pregnant women. This technique is specifically designed for people that suffer of chronic pains or want to relieve stress since it provides a deep relaxation and a muscular tensions relief.

On a physical aspect, the Californian massage techniques increase blood and lymphatic flow, enhance oxygenation, relax muscle structure and deeply relieve tensions. By releasing buried emotions, this massage technique can help the receiver to refocus and to restore inner balance.

Californian massage Réseau des massothérapeutes


The client will first be asked to complete a health questionnaire and afterwards express his or her needs and expectations to the massage therapist. He or she will then be asked to take place comfortably on the massage table. This massage technique can be done with oils, with or without underwear, depending on the client’s preferences. Each treated area will be massaged and uncovered distinctly to respect the client’s intimacy.

The Californian massage first consists of long and surrounding motions all along the body, to allow the client to experience a complete relaxation. Afterwards, the therapist exerts sliding pressures, insisting on tense areas. Proceed lengthily, those motions allow a deep muscular relaxation. Light rocking and stretching invite to an overall sensation of blissful relaxation and stimulate the sensorial perception. The more the client lets himself or herself enjoy the massage, the more he or she can experience all the sensations and benefits of the Californian massage.

The therapist ends the care by new long and surroundings motions. The massage lasts between 1h to 1h30, depending on the client needs.


Avoiding the Californian massage is best in case of any fever, contagious and cutaneous diseases or cardiovascular difficulties.

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