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Cupping Massage

Vacuomobilization, another name for cupping massage, is a technique based on the principle of activating the local circulation. This therapy promotes tissue decongestion and toxin evacuation.

Cupping massage creates negative pressure (a bit like suction) when laying the cups. This pressure raises the tissues and has positive muscular effects.

The cupping massage is carried out with bell-shaped silicone cups*. The silicone can be food grade (used to make baby bottles or food) or medical grade (can be implanted in the human body because of an apparatus or surgery).


Among the benefits of cupping massage, we find mainly the reduction of the effects of stress on the body and the reduction of muscle tension. Cupping can help with low back pain, muscle tension or pain, heavy leg syndrome, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, etc.

Cupping Massage Réseau des massothérapeutes


The therapist can use cupping as part of a massage, physiotherapy, or orthotherapy treatment. The therapist can slide the suction cups over the body as part of the massage or leave them in place for a few minutes. The therapist will start with low negative pressure and short duration to gradually adapt his or her care to each client.


The use of suction cups is contraindicated in certain contexts such as taking anticoagulants and the presence of very large varicose veins. If a client has or has had a hernia, a suction cup should not be placed near its location. In the case of recent scars, we recommend waiting three weeks after surgery. Medical advice may be sought if a need arises before this time. It is best to avoid areas where large arteries such as the jugular and carotid are located.

* Note that there are other types of cup; however, the Réseau only recognizes silicone cups.

** Only a few trainers and academic institutions are recognized by the Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec. We invite you to communicate with us in order to validate the recognition of the chosen training. 

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