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Deep Flow

Deep Flow is a technique that borrows from the principle of posture, guided breathing and myofascial relaxation. Its purpose is to help release primary tensions and allow the person receiving it to increase their body awareness.


Deep Flow brings holistic well-being to the client. It also allows you to work on the fascias in order to ensure the body’s natural mobility. In addition to activating the muscles, this technique allows the client to develop a relationship with their body in order to be more attentive to their needs and to better understand them.


A Deep Flow session is performed over the clothing. The receiver can be on a massage table, on a floor mat or even sitting on a chair. The therapist uses touch to work on soft tissues, the fascias, allowing the receiver to regain mobility in their body. As Deep Flow works in connection with breathing, some breathing exercises may be offered.

Deep Flow technique Réseau des massothérapeutes


The contraindications for Deep Flow are the same as for most techniques: fever, infection, wounds or skin problems and a history of heart disease

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