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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique using Swedish massage to reach deep muscle fibers as well as core muscles buried under other layers of muscles. Far more than a matter of using more pressure, this method is frequently used in clinical massage therapy, kinesitherapy and orthotherapy.


With a so-called therapeutic field of action, deep tissue massage in showing great results in muscle relaxation and improvement of mobility issues. Well done, it can also lead to overall relaxation.

Massage des tissus profonds - Réseau des massothérapeutes


Deep tissue massage follows the same protocol as other massage therapy techniques. The main difference lies in the way it is performed: the pace is much slower to favor penetration through the muscle layers. Similarly, the strength applied is progressive in order to warm up the muscles and thus avoid spasms. While performing his massage routine, the therapist will probably use various joints or contact surfaces in order to avoid tiredness.


Deep tissue massage has the same contraindications as an ordinary massage, that is to say, the presence of fever and infection, as well as wounds and skin problems. Deep tissue massage is prohibited in the presence of certain forms of cancer.

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