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Himalayan Salt Balls Massage

Just as hot stone massage, the Himalayan salt balls massage first uses a classic massage technique such as Swedish or Californian, and then adds a touch of extra comfort through the use of previously heated salt balls. These Himalayan salt balls contain 84 minerals and nutrients that penetrate the superficial layers of the epidermis under the action of heat and massage oil. The balls can be used all over the body, except the face, or in order to relax muscles, target more tensed or tired areas according to the needs of the client. Salt balls can also be cooled down and target a more athletic care aimed at reducing inflammation.


Combined with the therapist’s proceedings, the activity of salt balls allows a better blood circulation and optimal relaxation in the body. This care also soothes tension, tones up muscles and stimulates reflex zones. Minerals in the salt balls help remineralize muscle attachments and joints, reduce pain and inflammation, and gently exfoliate the skin.

Himalayan Salt Balls Massage Réseau des massothérapeutes


The therapist first prepares two or four Himalayan salt balls by heating them with a towel warmer or the microwave. The massage then follows its normal course, allowing the salt balls to assist the different movements. The salt balls can be used alone or with massage oil or essential oils. When the care is completed, it is a common practice for the client to leave with the salt balls in order to use them at home, for a massage or in a bath.


This care is contraindicated for people with phlebitis or open wounds. Also, it is not recommended to roll the balls directly on the path of a protruding varix.

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