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Integrative visceral therapy MD

The abdominal area is often neglected during massage therapy. However, the abdomen can be the cause of referred or radiating pain in the body. The continuous learning technique of visceral therapy enables therapists to learn new massage techniques to help relieve tension in the abdomen.


Visceral massage can relieve abdominal discomfort and muscle tension. The peritoneum, a serous membrane that lines the abdomen, pelvis, and viscera, can put stress on the various surrounding structures. Like other connective tissues in the body, this membrane can be massaged to reduce the tension that has developed there. This technique can also help reduce menstrual pain and discomfort associated with transit regularity.


Visceral massage is a complementary technique to other Eastern and Western types of training. The massage can be done with oil or over clothing. The technique can therefore complement a general or specific massage or be one of the main techniques in a massage.

Integrative visceral therapy MD Réseau des massothérapeutes


As this is a complementary technique, contraindications to massage apply (fever, infection, wounds or skin problems, and a history of heart problems). Any diagnosis related to the viscera and abdomen should be taken into account. Although this is a non-invasive and gentle technique, the recipient may experience discomfort for various reasons, for example, menstruation, an undigested meal, inflammation, etc.

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