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Joint Inflammation

Inflammation usually occurs during an injury, infection or trauma, as a reaction mechanism of the body to an aggression. However, inflammation can also come from the body itself, as in the case with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. Those affected by a form of joint inflammation may experience chronic pain or rather randomly when effort is required at the problematic joint level.


When adapted to this type of condition, massage therapy can relieve pain related to joint inflammation by promoting the release of tension on muscles. It also improves blood circulation near the affected areas and increases the flexibility of the joints to relieve stiffness. In chronic pain, it is also recommended as a means of prevention.


Before performing a massage therapy care with somebody suffering from inflammatory pain, the therapist will ask the receiver relevant questions in order to be aware of his musculo-articular problems and to suggest a frequency of care to relieve the discomfort that affects his daily.

The therapist will perform various manoeuvres to relieve the client’s pain. The therapist may also recommend some stretching and strengthening exercises at home.

Inflammation articulaire - Réseau des massothérapeutes


Although massage therapy is effective in controlling inflammation and reducing pain related to the symptoms of joint inflammation, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before making an appointment. The health professional will be able to determine which type of massage would be the most effective and safest according to the state of health of the person who wishes to receive a massage therapy care. For example, for people with arthritis, it is not recommended to receive a deep massage or manoeuvres performed directly on the affected joints.

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