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Neurosensory massage

Neurosensory massage has a specific goal: the client’s relaxation with their overall health in mind. As its name suggests, neurosensory massage acts on the central and peripheral nervous system by activating, among other things, the five senses.

In addition to providing muscular and deep relaxation, the massage allows for the alleviation of tension. It consists of a gentle massage which has the ability to stimulate and envelop the body. Neurosensory massage helps the client relax.


As neurosensory massage targets the nervous system, it can put the client into a state of deep relaxation; at the muscular level, as well as the mental. Among other things, it promotes good blood and lymphatic circulation and brings vitality to both body and mind.

Neurosensory massage Réseau des massothérapeutes


The therapist can use neurosensory massage technique in any oil massage therapy treatment. The effleurage, petrissage and compression used by this technique are similar to other maneuvers found in Swedish or Californian massage, among other types. These techniques are used more so in order to loosen the muscles. As such, they could be used before massage therapy techniques that work on the muscles more deeply.


The contraindications of neurosensory massage are the same as those for most techniques: fever, infection, wounds or skin problems and history of heart problems.

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