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Passive Mobilizations

A passive mobilization is the movement of a client’s joint performed by the therapist. It is one of the main techniques of kinesitherapy and orthotherapy, along with its variants: active, resisted and specific mobilizations.


Here are some of the targeted objectives:

  • Perform mechanical work by stretching the muscles in order to create loosening of the joint;
  • Undo joint stiffness and tissue adhesions;
  • Restore healthy range of motion;
  • Release joint blockage.
Mobilisations passives  - Réseau des massothérapeutes


In massage therapy, mobilizations are included in the massage protocol and are performed at the end of the care so as to take advantage of warm muscles. Movement is slow and gentle, respects joint range of motion and is usually painless. Unfortunately, when pathology is involved in the care, it is normal for the client to feel some discomfort.


The presence of fever, infection, a wound and skin problem is a contraindication to mobilizations.

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