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Related to acupressure, reflexology targets physiological or emotional problems using specific points on the foot.

This technique would stimulate or soothe organs, systems and areas of the body through the use of meridians, whether based on a traditional Chinese approach, or if it is based on a biological method, by using reflex zones of the nervous system


Just like acupressure, reflexology has a broad and versatile field of action (organic disorders, emotional issues, musculoskeletal problems).

Based on the same principles, reflexology uses the resources of the body to overcome imbalances and promote self-healing.

Reflexology Réseau des massothérapeutes


A reflexology care is usually divided into two parts. The first part consists of a foot massage involving the leg and following a protocol similar to that of a regular massage. The second part includes reflexology care, which consists of crawling and pressure movements to stimulate sensitive areas.


Deemed to be safe, this technique still has some contraindications. People with morbid state and infectious condition, diabetes or circulatory or hormonal disorders should refrain from receiving such care. Open wounds and skin disorders remain relative contraindications.

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