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Tension Relief Technique

The tension relief technique enables elimination of a muscle contracture by alternating stretches and contractions at the joint level. A muscle contracture is an involuntary contraction of muscle fibers or a group of muscles, and of a much longer duration than a simple muscular cramp.

This technique allows reduction of muscular tensions and full recovery of joint extensibility. Targeting muscle rebalancing, this technique aims to maintain and improve joint mobility and reduce tension related to chronic pain. Tension relief techniques can be used preventively or curatively and will adapt to all types of people.


Tension relief techniques can improve or recover joint mobility and reduce muscle tension. They reduce the risk of injury and promote recovery among athletes. This technique also helps reduce the effects of stress on the body and favors rehabilitation for people with chronic pain.

Tension Relief Technique Réseau des massothérapeutes


In order to identify areas of less elasticity or mobility, the therapist initiates palpation of the various soft tissues and joints of the body. In connection with the tension relief process, he will then perform muscle contractions and stretches to the targeted areas. A slight discomfort can be felt during the stretches, but these should not be painful. The therapist may also recommend stretching exercises at home.


This care has no major contraindications. The therapist’s approach will have to adapt the care according to the people and muscles affected.

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