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Very popular since the excitement surrounding spas in Quebec, thermotherapy, or thermal experience, consists of alternating periods of exposure to heat and cold, followed by rest periods. In addition to being a recognized procedure to relax the body and mind, many other benefits are associated with thermal shocks created by each heat and cold cycle


Thermotherapy creates a vasodilatation of blood vessels, thereby accelerating blood circulation. In addition to promoting muscle relaxation, this body activation helps lymphatic circulation, provided you drink plenty of water, and strengthen the immune system. As a result of the relaxation provided by thermotherapy, fans of the thermal experience can see an improvement in the quality of their sleep, better breathing and a reduction of the effects of stress on the body. Elite sportsmen also use thermotherapy sessions to increase their vascular and pulmonary capacity.

Thermothérapie - Réseau des massothérapeutes


A thermotherapy care follows different phases: hot, cold, then relaxation. The hot phase involves exposure to a powerful heat source, for example a dry sauna or a steam bath, for about ten minutes. It is important to stay hydrated throughout a heat therapy session because of the significant sweating that results from this phase, and to promote the elimination of toxins.

Then, the cold phase consists in plunging the body into a very cold water source to activate blood circulation and close skin pores. Finally, the relaxation phase is simply a moment of rest granted to the body that has just experienced a thermal shock. The three-phase cycle can then be repeated.


Because of its effects on the circulatory system, people with heart problems, high blood pressure or low blood pressure should not undertake thermotherapy sessions unless advised by a doctor. Thermal experience is also not recommended for pregnant women and people with diabetes or severe respiratory problems.

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