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Tissue flossing

Tissue flossing is a complementary technique to a massage, consisting of mobilizations at the muscular and tissue levels carried out with an elastic band that compresses the worked region. Compressing the area enhances the therapeutic effects of mobilizations. Elastic bands are usually rubber or latex of different lengths, widths, and strengths.


Among its other benefits, tissue flossing promotes the relief of muscle pain and musculoskeletal stiffness that leads to ligament pain and joint restrictions. It can also reduce edema, localized twinges, and postoperative tissue adhesions and scars. Tissue flossing is also used to aid the recovery process or reduce muscle soreness after intense physical exertion.


The tissue flossing technique is only used for a few minutes during a massage. The therapist will install the elastic band on the area to be worked on and perform passive or active mobilizations with the help of the client. This is a complementary technique to massage therapy, kinesitherapy or orthotherapy.

Tissue flossing musculars and tissues mobilizations with an elastic band


The therapist will inquire about their client’s state of health to determine whether the tissue flossing technique can be used. Contraindications to tissue flossing are, among others:

  • Wounds and burns;
  • An allergy to rubber or latex (the technique can be applied over clothing);
  • An acute inflammatory state;
  • Chronic inflammatory disorders;
  • Atrophy and muscular diseases;
  • Severe osteoporosis;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Arterial occlusive disease (in short, all circulatory conditions that reduce the lumen of the arteries);
  • Chronic heart failure;
  • The use of anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs;
  • Cancerous tumors, as there is a risk of metastasis.


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