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Trigger Points

Trigger points are congested points in muscle tissue that can radiate pain to other areas. This particular technique consists of the application of pressure on a reflex point in order to force the nervous system to release tension in a particular area.

Inspired by acupressure, the trigger point technique is often combined with massage and can be integrated into any form of manual therapy.


Although uncomfortable to receive in the moment, the trigger point’s technique is effective to release very tense musculature.

Working on a trigger point can treat a myofascial syndrome, that is to say a pain located in an area other than where the real muscle tension is.

Trigger Points Réseau des massothérapeutes


The pressure applied is usually energetic, but progressive; the treated area will be reheated beforehand by the massage. As the targeted area is generally problematic, it is common to observe the presence of muscle contractures directly on the trigger points involved, which explains the discomfort experienced by the receiver.


Since this is a manual therapy, an open wound or skin disorders are relative contraindications, meaning that no pressure will be performed directly on the area, but may be elsewhere. Special attention will be paid to the client predisposed to muscle spasms.

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