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Massage therapy recognition event

The Massage therapy recognition event is a free and accessible event for all members of the Réseau. The association highlights the professional experience of therapists who stand out because of their remarkable achievements, their positive impact in the profession or the longevity of their career.

Honorary certificates

The Réseau also takes advantage of the Massage therapy recognition event to pay a tribute to therapists that have accumulated 20 years or more of practice. They are presented with an honorary certificate attesting their outstanding contribution to the alternative medicine field.

Excellence awards

Four awards are presented during the Massage therapy recognition event. The Entrepreneurship, Emerging Entrepreneurship, Distinction and Involvement prizes are awarded following a nomination process, while the Inspiration prize is awarded by the Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec.

The next edition of the Massage Therapy Recognition Event will be held on May 2, 2020. Members will receive an invitation in April 2020.

Each of the winners receive an exclusive trophy bearing the logo of the Réseau as well as their name and the category in which they won. The trophies handed down are original handmade work of art created with glass and stone. The winners also appear on the association’s website as well as in the newsletter sent to the members and to different specialists in the massage therapy industry.

Excellence Award Entrepreneurship

This prize is awarded to the therapist who within his company, has created more than 2 jobs since its creation. The award recognizes the audacity, leadership and the creativity spirit that allowed the company to stand out from the competition. It can also be attributed to the company who was able to attest to the quality of the working conditions offered to its employees.

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Excellence Award Emerging Entrepreneurship

This prize is awarded to the therapist who build is own company in massage therapy or acquired an existing business in the past 5 years. This prize recognizes the audacity, the leadership and the creativity of the therapist who are working to built dynamic and prosperous business generating employment in their field of activity.

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Excellence Award Involvement

This prize is awarded to a therapist who has been involved in the community, parapublic, associative setting or in a nonprofit organization as a massage therapist. It may also be awarded to a therapist actively committed to pursuing the development of its profession.

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Excellence Award Distinction

This prize is awarded to a therapist who stood out throughout his professional career, mastering his or her discipline and his influence in the field of alternative medicine. The prize can also be awarded to a therapist who has successfully completed several continuing education techniques designed to enhance the services offered to his or her clients.

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Excellence Award Inspiration

This prize is awarded by the Réseau to the therapist collaborator of the blog of the association, having written article(s) which aroused great interest on the part of our web community over the past year.


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