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We regularly receive questions from our members regarding insurance company provider databases. Why am I not in their database? Why was my client denied a receipt? Why can’t my client find me in their insurance provider list?

First of all, the Réseau does not provide its members’ professional contact information to insurance companies. Insurers add new business addresses to their provider database as they receive claims from their insureds. Since each insurance company has different procedures for adding or modifying a business address to their database, it is the responsibility of the insured, i.e. your client, to check with their insurer to find out what procedure to follow.

Do you have to contact the insurance company yourself? Depending on the insurer’s response, it is possible that the therapist will have to contact the insurer based on the information provided by the client. Therefore, first ask your client to find out about the procedure. It is sometimes possible for the client to add you to the insurer’s database.

In short, if your client cannot find you in the list of suppliers or if the business address is not the right one, because you have changed it or have several, it is his responsibility to ask his insurer to remedy the situation.

Members directory

We remind you that publishing a web profile in the member directory is optional. If an insurer wants to verify that you are a member in good standing of the Réseau, they have access to consult the complete list of our members. The member directory is only used to create visibility for your clients.

If you have any questions regarding insurance companies, please contact us at 1-800-461-1312 ext. 1420 or