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Travel-training program

How about a massage therapy training with your feet in the sand?

Try a new and fun way to learn by participating in the Réseau’s travel-training program! Free yourself from your daily obligations and the constraints of time: you will finally be able to relax and have the mind clear to learn during your training.

Treat yourself to an all-inclusive vacation while acquiring knowledge and tools that will help you at work! It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas between therapists.

November 2019 Edition

Members stayed at Iberostar Selection Playa Mita, Puerto Vallarta, a luxury hotel complex with 452 rooms and located in Punta Mita just 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta international airport. A desirable area boasting some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the region. It also offers many cultural and sports activities. Facilities include: 1 buffe, 4 “à la carte” restaurants, 8 bars and 3 outdoor pools, including 1 infinity pool.

Training offered in November 2019!

Again this year, participants had the opportunity to choose between two high quality courses sponsored by the Académie de massage et d’Orthothérapie. Each of these training sessions lasted approximately 12 hours and were spread over three mornings.

Participants were given a choice between:

Deep tissue: Learn to ease the major tensions that can be found in muscles and fascia. The word “deep” does not mean “more pressure”; instead, the approach involves identifying areas of tension and using the correct technique to relieve them. This technique is effective for relieving muscular tension and reducing pain. It helps to reduce adherences, increase the range of movement, and decongest tissues. It also allows the therapist to perform a deeper massage using less energy and helps to protect joints.

Active and passive relaxation technique for lower limbs: Learn to treat some of the problems related to adherences or scar tissue in muscles. As adherences form, muscles become shorter and weaker. The muscles’ movement range is affected and nerves can become compressed. This can reduce blood flow, cause pain, and impact joint movement. This cutting-edge treatment approach is used extensively in the sporting world. Many athletes who subject their bodies to intensive training find it helpful following an injury, or to optimize their performance.

Outside of training hours, participants can spend their time freely. Also, group activities are organized for those who wish to participate.

Next edition!

Stay tuned to find out when the next edition of the Travel-training program will take place. For any questions related to this activity, please contact Catherine Gariépy at