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The Réseau offers a free Webinar-Training program for all massage therapists. These online conferences are an effective and flexible way to inform therapists about issues surrounding their practice. The objective is primarily to support them by enabling them to acquire the tools necessary for the implementation of better professional practices. The webinars are also put online after their broadcast in order to be accessible to those who were unable to listen to them.

Study the market for a better implementation

The Réseau presented a webinar on conducting market research in the field of massage therapy. This training offered participants a methodology for research and design of a market study so that they could improve the strategic positioning of their company.

But what is market research?

Market research is “a set of studies that gather relevant information to identify supply and demand conditions, marketing opportunities for a product or service, and to measure the extent of the company’s potential market.” *

In concrete terms, market research allows you to answer questions such as:

  • Who are my target customers and what are their specific needs?
  • Which therapists are my competition and what are their main strengths and weaknesses?
  • What factors influence my customers’ purchasing decisions?
  • What prices should I set for my services?

*Source: Translated from the Office québécois de la langue française, 2009

After the training, the trainee should be able to:

  • Discuss the steps involved in developing a market research study.
  • Consider the benefits and limitations of using primary and secondary data in their research.
  • Apply the concepts seen in the training to define their target audience, competition and the general dynamics of the market they’re targeting.