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Recognized disciplines

The Réseau recognizes four disciplines: massage therapy, kinesitherapy, orthotherapy, and naturotherapy. These descriptive pages will help you distinguish these different disciplines so as to have a better understanding of their strengths and peculiarities.

Massage therapy is the foundation for all advanced training. Massage therapy is a form of natural therapy comprised of a multitude of different techniques suitable for almost all clients. Kinesitherapy is a therapy based on movement. This therapeutic technique considers pathologies as being part of a holistic system. It is an advanced technique in massage therapy. Orthotherapy is a natural therapy that combines massage therapy and kinesitherapy (therapy through movement), designed for those who experience muscle pain or joint stiffness primarily attributed to poor posture and sudden or repetitive movements. As for naturotherapy, this is a complementary medicine aimed at the well-being of the client by using alternative practices based on personal health practice.

*Please note that all members of the Réseau have a base training in massage therapy.

Massage therapy