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Recognition From Insurance Companies

Among the four core elements of our mission, representing our members is by far the most obscure. However, it is an ongoing priority for us, particularly with respect to insurance companies.

According to a Soins personnels Québec study¹, more than 84% of massage therapy clients ask for insurance receipts. It is therefore of the utmost importance that therapists, as professionals, gain the trust of insurers. Since the establishment of our professional association, we have implemented all of the necessary measures to maintain the best possible reputation with insurers, in order to make the lives of our members and their clients easier.


  • Enforcement of the requirements of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association when preparing our insurance receipts.
  • Permanent team available to quickly respond to insurers.
  • Full register of members that is updated in real time and available exclusively to insurers.
  • Full disciplinary framework to ensure that ethical rules are enforced (professional inspections, independent prefect, and discipline committee).
  • Dialogue with insurance company executives and their representatives.
  • Member and client support for claim issues.
Reconnaissance des compagnies d'assurance - Réseau des massothérapeutes

Recognition of the Réseau and Its Members

Through all of the measures that have been implemented and the professionalism of its members, the Réseau has earned an excellent reputation with insurance companies. As a result, massage therapists who are members of the Réseau are recognized by all insurance companies that do business in Quebec. The following 10 companies are among the largest:

  • Desjardins
  • Beneva (formerly SSQ and La Capitale)
  • Manulife
  • Sun Life
  • Canada Life
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Blue Cross
  • Empire Life
  • Green Shield

Canada Life

Blue Crost

Be a provider in the insurers’ database

We regularly receive questions from our members regarding insurance company provider databases. Why am I not in their database? Why was my client denied a receipt? Why can’t my client find me in their insurance provider list? Consult the information on our page by clicking here.

Group Insurance Plans

Even if your client has an insurance policy with an insurer that recognizes therapists who are Réseau members, it is possible that your client’s claim will be refused. Although all insurers offer group insurance plans that cover massage therapy, this service is not included in all plans. Group plan administrators tailor plans based on the demands of their clients, who represent policyholders. As such, just like all other insurable services, massage therapy may or may not be included in a plan by a group plan administrator.

If your clients inform you that a claim has been refused, you must first ask them to verify that their group insurance plan actually covers massage therapy. Note that the same applies for kinesitherapy, orthotherapy, and naturotherapy.

For any claim issues with insurance companies, feel free to contact us with the full name of your client and of the insurance company. We will then be able to help you quickly.

1. Sub-sector analysis of the massage therapy workforce 2022 (French only)