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Support member

Support member stands for any regular member from the Réseau, who during the renewal period, temporary stops practicing professionally for a year or more. This status applies to any therapist who stops practicing for a certain period of time, but desires to keep his acquired right in the Réseau as to his training.

Specific aspects of a support member

The support member:

  • Benefits from the member section of the Réseau’s website;
  • Keeps his acquired right in the Réseau as to his training;
  • Keeps his membership number;
  • Can become a regular member again at any time during the year by paying only the portion of annual dues corresponding to the number of months remaining in the year. The total amount to be paid will be credited against the $50 paid at the time of renewal;
  • Enjoys unlimited access to this status, which is renewable annually. However, after 5 consecutive years without having practised massage therapy, he/she will have to undergo an evaluation (PECP) to re-acquire the status of regular member;
  • Must contact the Réseau by phone at 1-800-461-1312, ext. 2 in order to become a regular member and regain the right to practice under the authority of the association.

However, the support member:

  • Cannot issue insurance receipt to his clients;
  • Cannot vote at the general meetings or become part of the administration;
  • Cannot obtain the items sold by the Réseau;
  • Cannot benefit from any form of recognition or insurance;
  • Does not have access to client’s files and receipts online;
  • Not eligible for the free agenda offered to regular members.
Membre soutien - Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels

Admission fee

The admission fee to become a support member is 50$ without taxes. The support member can reapply to become a regular member again at any time by paying only the portion of his annual fees that correspond to the number of remaining months in the current year. Conditions apply.

Become a support member

You can only become a support member during the renewal period. Regular members wishing to change their status must renew as a support member and pay their $50 membership fee before the end of the renewal period.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact the Membership Department at 1-800-461-1312 by dialing 2 or at