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Specialization in kinesitherapy, orthotherapy and naturotherapy

Specialization training is offered to therapists who have undergone the basic training. This training can allow you to deepen your knowledge in order to offer higher quality care to your clients and stand out from the competition. This can be achieved by learning a second basic technique or by pursuing a specialized technique. Kinesitherapy will allow you to broaden your knowledge of pathologies while learning mobilizations to restore range of motion to segments and joints. Orthotherapy will push the understanding of pain even further and teach you more techniques. Naturotherapy, on the other hand, addresses the well-being of the client using methods based on

* Although the Réseau updates this page on a regular basis, please note that the information in it is provided for informational purposes only. It is possible that educational institutions have changed their training offerings without notifying us or that the training you are looking for is no longer offered at the time of your research. We, therefore, invite you to confirm the information directly with the massage therapy academic institution. Please note that most courses are offered in French institutions. Please contact the academic institutions for more information.


Académie de massage scientifique
Centre de formation professionnelle de Lachine
Centre de formation professionnelle des Maux
Centre de formation en Médecines Alternatives de Granby
Centre Méta Contact
École à fleur de peau
École de Massothérapie et Kinésithérapie l’Hêtre
École de massothérapie Sensorielle (Centre de formation Nature Concept)
École de Formation M.K.O.
École de Massothérapie Cœur De l’Abitibi
École de massothérapie IKRA
École de massothérapie Massotech
École Massopro
Équilibre et détente


Académie de massage et d’orthothérapie
Académie de massage scientifique
École de Massothérapie et Kinésithérapie l’Hêtre
École de Formation M.K.O.


Académie Herboliste