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The Réseau is proud to offer numerous services to its members. Being a member of the Réseau means receiving customer service that meets your expectations. It also means being part of a Facebook community where you can share your experiences and discuss different topics. The Réseau also provides telephone coaching with experienced therapists to answer questions related to your practice. The Réseau partners in insurances to offer you attractive rates for your professional insurance, disability, life and health insurance as well as home and car insurance.

In terms of practice, the Réseau provides you with an online platform that allows you to create and manage client files as well as send receipts through email. As a member of the Réseau, you also have the possibility to put your online profile on our directory.

The Réseau is also passionately committed to the professional development of its members. As such, they offer continuous training via various programs such as the continuing education platform and the training sessions. Furthermore, in order to support its members, the Réseau established a Skills Development Fund that permits members to obtain grants for continuing education.

Every year, the Réseau takes advantage of the Massage Therapy Recognition Event to acknowledge the work of its members and to recognize the dedication of those who have been in practice for over 20 years.

The Réseau also recognizes insurance companies and is a partner of Telus Health eClaims Service.

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Continuing education platform

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Telus Health eClaims Service


The Réseau aims to promote all of its members and the profession of massage therapy. It has developed effective tools and is constantly innovating to promote its members. It has, among other things, implemented:

The Réseau is active on various social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It also maintains a blog for therapists and people who have an interest in health and massage therapy.

Facebook group exclusive to members

We believe that the most important source of information in connection with our business consists of all of our members. With this in mind, we have set up a Facebook group exclusive to our members. This dynamic community allows therapists to share and discuss practice management, marketing, client relations and everything about their role as therapists. In addition, the Facebook group allows the Réseau to offer:

  • superior customer service and quick reply to questions from members;
  • advice on advertising and marketing;
  • exclusive contests for members;
  • a forum where members share their comments;
  • a review of current news from the world of massage therapy.

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Telephone coaching

Telephone coaching allows you to get answers to your questions about your practice as well as precious advice. This service is provided by experienced therapists ensuring assistance in less than an hour, five days a week. Communicate with us by calling 1 800 461-1312 ext. 1428.

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