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Professional inspections


Professional inspections are one of the many tools the Réseau has developed in order to fulfill its mandate to protect the public. Each year, a professional inspection committee is formed to validate the professional ethics and deontology of therapists from the Réseau by making scheduled visits to their workplaces. These inspections are intended to monitor the professional practice of members of the Association to assure the public of their absolute professionalism. This committee consists of the disciplinary prefect and members named by the Board of Directors.

Le rôle des inspections professionnelles du Réseau


All elements of the code of ethics are verified. For example, we will ensure that the therapists :

  • keep their records properly;
  • issue receipts for insurance in the right way;
  • have a professional insurance;
  • keep their workplace clean;
  • respect the customer privacy ;
  • respect confidential information;
  • and many other aspects surrounding professional ethics.

Following an inspection, the member who demonstrates outstanding professional practice will receive a certificate of professional ethics compliance that may be displayed on its workplace.

Once a breach of the Code of Ethics has been established during a visit by an inspector, the therapist’s file is sent to the disciplinary prefect. He may make recommendations to the therapist to enable him to correct his record. In case of serious misconduct, the prefect will send the file to the disciplinary committee to initiate an inquiry process.