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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Association and its services.



Why should I be a member of a professional association?

Being part of a credible professional association allows you to provide insurance receipts, professional support, and representation to the public and government.

What documents should I submit with my membership application?

You must provide with your membership application:

  • A photocopy of an identity document;
  • A copy of your diplomas, transcripts and attestations;
  • Your payment for the annual fee.

What are the delays to be accepted as a member of the Réseau?

In general, graduates of a massage therapy academic institution recognized by the Réseau are accepted as members within 24 to 48 business hours and receive their starter kit within one week.

What is the minimum age to become a member of the Réseau?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be a member of the Réseau.

If I have taken my training at an academic institution that is not recognized by the Réseau or outside Québec, what do I need to do to become a member?

You can take advantage of the Professional Skills assessment program (PSAP) in order to be a member of the Réseau.

Are annual membership fees tax deductible?

Yes, if you worked as a massage therapist and reported this income on your tax return for the year related to the contribution fee.

If I decide to stop working temporarily, can I remain a member of the Réseau?

Yes, by becoming a support member or a parental member, you remain a member of the Réseau and keep your assets during your work stoppage. However, you can not submit receipts during this period.

Student member

Can I be a member of the Réseau if I am currently a student?

Yes, it is possible to be a student member, it is free and you benefit from many advantages.

What are the advantages of joining as a student member?

Your membership as a student member allows you to receive communications from the Réseau regarding your future career as well as access to the member space, the exclusive Facebook community of the Réseau, discount from providers and more.

Can we issue insurance receipts as a student member?

No, it is not permitted for a student who has not completed his or her basic training in massage therapy to purchase and issue insurance receipts. This can only be done when the therapist is a regular member.


To take a massage therapy course, do I have to have a high school diploma?

No, it is not compulsory to hold a high school diploma for training in massage therapy.

Do I need to be trained in massage therapy in order to be recognized by the Réseau as a kinesitherapist, orthotherapist or naturotherapist?

Yes, it is compulsory to have a minimum training of 400 hours in massage therapy before being recognized in another discipline. See all membership criteria.

I am a member of another association that accredits me as a kinesitherapist, without any training in massage therapy. Can I become a member of the Réseau?

No, as it is compulsory to hold the title of massage therapist Level I of 400 hours before being accepted as a kinesitherapist.

If I am doing continuing education, what should I send to the Réseau for it to be added to my training hours?

To add trainings to your file, you must send us your diplomas and transcripts or attestations. You can send them to us online by logging in to the member space, by mail or by fax.

Do you count years of experience to add hours of training?

No, years of experience are not counted, only hours of training are.


How does consulting a member of the Réseau protect me as a client?

All therapists who apply to join the Réseau must first meet our strict membership criteria. During our process, we ensure that the skills required to practice massage therapy have been acquired and that our high standards of professional ethics are respected. The Réseau also has a rigorous disciplinary structure in which a disciplinary committee ensures that the members’ behavior is impeccable and that their actions respect the code of ethics.

Why should I consult a massage therapist?

Massage therapy, whether it is a therapeutic or a relaxing care, reduces muscle tension, calms the nervous system, improves sleep quality, facilitates blood circulation, increases the potential for recovery after a muscle injury and brings many other scientifically proven benefits. It adapts to all types of clients and is recommended for people suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraine, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, inflammation disorders (tendonitis, bursitis, strain, arthritis) and mental health disorders (stress, anxiety, depressive disorders).

How is a massage therapy care done?

During a massage therapy care, the therapist first conducts an interview to fill out a health questionnaire with the client. Several questions are then asked in order to define the reason for the consultation and to identify the conditions that could influence it. The therapist then practices the therapeutic or relaxing care of between 30 and 90 minutes, respecting the privacy of the client, using the massage techniques best suited to his or her situation and needs.

If a member of my immediate family is a massage therapist who is a member of the Réseau, can he provide a receipt for my insurance?

No, his Code of Ethics prohibits it (point 13.1.2).

What are my rights of access to my health record maintained by a therapist?

At any time, a client has the right to ask to consult the file that the therapist keeps with regard to his therapeutic follow-up. If the client wishes to obtain a copy of this file, the therapist must provide one. However, the transcript or reproduction of the document may incur costs which must be reasonable.

What is the procedure for a massage therapy with a minor?

A parent must attend the care when the child is under 14 years of age. In this way, the parent and the child are reassured. However, if applicable, the receipt must be made on behalf of the person receiving the care.

If I include my insurance receipts on my tax return, can I get a tax deduction for them?

No, massage therapy, kinestherapy, orthotherapy and naturotherapy are no longer listed as paramedical services by the Canadian and Quebec governments.