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Parental member

Parental member status stands for any regular member who wishes to temporary leave the practice to welcome a child and who desires to retain his acquired rights in terms of training as well as its membership number.

Specific aspects of a parental member

The parental member:

  • Benefits from the member section of the Réseau’s website;
  • Keeps his acquired right in the Réseau as to his training;
  • Keeps his membership number;
  • Could become a regular member at any time by paying only the remaining months in the contribution year;
  • Must contact the Réseau by phone at 1-800-461-1312, ext. 2 in order to become a regular member and regain the right to practice under the authority of the association.

However, the parental member:

  • Cannot issue insurance receipt to his clients;
  • Cannot vote at the general meetings or become part of the administration;
  • Cannot obtain the items sold by the Réseau;
  • Cannot benefit from any form of recognition or insurance;
  • Does not have access to client’s files and receipts online;
  • Not eligible for the free agenda offered to regular members.
Membre parental - Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels

Admission fee

The admission fee for the parental member status is 25$ without taxes. The parental member can reapply as a regular member at any time by paying only the remaining months in the contribution year.

Become a parental member

To become a parental member, the regular member must contact the Membership Department at 1-800-461-1312 by dialing 2 or at and provide a document attesting the pregnancy or adoption of a child (e.g., doctor’s document, ultrasound photo, etc.). The remaining months of the current year, starting the month following the date of the application, will be credited to him/her. A member may be granted parental membership for a maximum of two consecutive years for the same child.