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Membership criteria by discipline

General membership criteria

To become a regular member, the therapist must:

  • Photocopy of proof of identity (example: driver’s license, health insurance card, and/or passport)
  • Be 18 years of age or older ;
  • Provide copies of all transcripts, diplomas and certificates;
  • Comply with the Code of Ethics and general regulations.

The therapist must also have obtained massage therapy training in one of our recognized academic institutions where the following four key aspects were taught:

 1. A basic recognized massage technique

 Includes complete body manoeuvres joined with a massage technique.

2. Human body anatomy

  • General knowledge of human body anatomy and physiology;
  • Functional knowledge of pathologies.

3. The client approach

  • Interviewing and communication techniques;
  • Attitude to adopt with clients;
  • Sexuality and intimacy in the professional practice.

4. Ethics and Conduct

  • Study of the Code of Ethics, professional ethics and professional supervision

Membership criteria by discipline

Each discipline recognized by the Réseau has specific requirements. The type of knowledge and the number of hours required are specific to each.

Massage therapist (level I)

  • Massage technique
  • Practical examination & internship
  • The human body
  • Client-approach
  • Ethics and Conduct

Specialized massage therapist (level II)

Prerequisite: Level I massage

  • The human body
  • 2nd massage technique
  • Internship
  • Evaluation and  therapeutic follow-up
  • Continuing education techniques
  • Business Management


Prerequisite: Level I massage

  • Kinesitherapy techniques
  • Internship
  • Inflammatory pathologies
  • Continuing education techniques


Prerequisite: Level I massage and kinesitherapist

  • Mobilizations
  • Internship
  • Specific techniques
  • Improvement of posture

Naturotherapy (400 hours)

Prerequisite: Level I massage


To become a regular member, you have to fulfil the online membership application or download the printable version and send it back to the Réseau by mail or fax.

If your profile does not correspond perfectly to our membership criteria, you could use the Professional Skills Assessment Program (PSAP) to obtain professional recognition from the largest association of massage therapists in Quebec.


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