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Disciplinary committee

The role of the Disciplinary Committee is to ensure that complaints lodged by the syndic against members of the association are dealt with, and to determine the verdict and any applicable sanctions. It ensures that the behaviour of our members is flawless and that their deeds and actions respect the Code of Ethics.

Disciplinary committee composition

The Disciplinary Committee is made up of a president, an alternate president and members in good standing of the Réseau. They are supported in their work by the Disciplinary Committee secretary.


The Syndic is a lawyer appointed by the Board of Directors who has to handle denunciations lodged against Réseau’s members. In the event of a breach of the Code of Ethics, the Syndic reports disciplinary infractions to the Disciplinary Committee.

Composition du comité de discipline du Réseau


Denunciations Processing

Public denunciations lodged with the Réseau are submitted to the syndic, who is responsible for processing them. If the syndic considers that a denunciation is admissible, he will then initiate the inquiry process and will inform the member against whom the denunciation was made. Once the inquiry is complete, depending on the nature of the denunciation and the results of the inquiry, the syndic can choose either to settle the case through conciliation between the parties, or to submit it to the disciplinary committee, which will examine it and then make a decision.

Disciplinary sanctions

If a member is found to have violated the provisions of the code of ethics or any general regulations, the disciplinary committee will impose disciplinary measures, which may include: to pay a fine, to successfully complete a continuing education training, a suspension for a specified period of time or disbarment for life.