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Training directory

The Réseau has created a training directory to help therapists find continuing education training. In the three directories below, you will find a list of the different techniques recognized by the association. For each technique, we have created a list of recognized educational institutions that give the training. If a technique is offered in several educational institutions, you will be able to contact each of them to learn more about their approach and what they offer as part of their training.

Please note that the continuing education training listed below is not necessarily eligible for the Skills Development Fund. We invite you to consult the list in the financial support application form or contact our customer service.

* Although the Réseau updates this page on a regular basis, please note that the information in it is provided for informational purposes only. It is possible that educational institutions have changed their training offerings without notifying us or that the training you are looking for is no longer offered at the time of your research. We, therefore, invite you to confirm the information directly with the massage therapy academic institution. Please note that most courses are offered in French institutions. Please contact the academic institutions for more information.

Massage therapy basic training

Recognized continuing education

Specialization : kinesitherapy, orthotherapy, naturotherapy