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Kinesitherapy is a therapy based on movement. It is a therapeutic technique that involves the entire pathology as a holistic system. It is practiced in a professional and ethical work frame. This technique helps the treated body part to regain a complete range of motions and so, without any pain. Kinesitherapy is an advanced massage therapy technique that employs swedish massage, passive and active mobilisations, as well as different exercises. It is a manual technique because the kinesitherapist uses only its hands and body.

Why should you see a kinesitherapist?

Kinesitherapy can be beneficial if you suffer from joint or muscle pain.


The kinesitherapist first starts with a health questionnaire to understand the issues that motivate the consultation. Afterwards, he or she will make an assessment of the muscles condition and the mobility of the painful joints.

Kinesitherapy Réseau des massothérapeutes

The kinesitherapy care begin with an in-depth swedish massage to enhance the blood flow and relieve muscular tensions. Depending on the sore area and the desire effects, the massage can be combined with musculo-articular mobilisations. Those mobilisations are done slowly, following the client’s breathing and always within the joint’s normal range of motion.

At the end of the session,  the kinesitherapist suggests appropriate exercises and stretching to the client in order to increase the speed of recovery and to avoid relapse. These exercises complete the care and, if so, prepares the client for the next appointment.

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