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The Réseau’s events

Each year, the Réseau holds several events primarily aimed at its members. The primary purpose of these events is to support therapists in their professional activities. This gives members access to a variety of training activities online and in different cities across the province. The Réseau’s goal in these events is to increase accessibility to continuing education in order to help therapists develop their working knowledge. Secondly, these events also present the opportunity to communicate with members, for therapists to network with their colleagues who share their professional passion, and to recognise the experience of therapists who stand out in the world of massage therapy.

The Réseau wishes to promote professional development, while taking to heart the recognition of the exceptional work of its members. To this end, the association has set up three main programs: Webinars, Training Meetings and the Massage Therapy Recognition Event.

The Webinars program is an effective and flexible way to educate therapists through free online conferences. These presentations allow therapists to become aware of the issues surrounding massage therapy and to acquire new notions that will help them improve their professional skills. The Training Meetings are complete or partial days of continuing education. Whether online or in person, they allow members to improve their knowledge of massage therapy practice and increase their number of training hours. The Massage Therapy Recognition Event is an annual gala that recognizes the contributions of members who stand out in the awards community. This evening is an opportunity for therapists to network and celebrate excellence. In addition, the association is continually working to develop new events to enrich, support and enhance the practice of its members.

Massage Therapy Recognition Event

Training Meetings