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Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping

Also called neuro-proprioceptive taping, sports taping is a rehabilitation technique complementary to massage therapy that uses the application of elastic bands on specific areas of the body, in order to relieve muscle or joint pain. Very popular with athletes, this technique can very well be used with any type of clientele.

These therapeutic elastic bands of various colors and different degrees of elasticity have been designed to mimic the properties of the skin. Unlike rigid taping, their flexibility allows the client to maintain mobility of a targeted area.

Depending on the type of band used or the method of application, neuro-proprioceptive taping can stimulate skin tissue and reduce interstitial pressure, thus triggering the body’s natural analgesia system and reducing pain. By lifting the skin, this technique also promotes drainage and decompression of the targeted area.


Following a massage therapy care, neuro-proprioceptive taping can extend muscle or joint pain relief. It supports working muscles during or after a sports activity and provides support for a joint to regain its elasticity and range of motion after injury or excessive stress. The lifting effect of the skin also reduces edema by promoting a better circulation of blood and lymph, therefore accelerating the process of healing.

Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping Réseau des massothérapeutes


Applied in addition to a massage therapy care, a neuro-proprioceptive taping can be worn for 3 to 5 days, on a daily basis or during physical activity. The bands are usually water resistant. The therapist with adequate training can choose a method of application depending on the problem, while ensuring that the bands are not too tight.


General contraindications for neuro-proprioceptive taping are the same raised for a massage care. In addition, if a person feels tingling or burning sensations after the application of a neuro-proprioceptive band, it must be removed and the skin must be cleaned. Although they are usually made from cotton fibers, some brands may contain latex. If taping is too tight, it could cause a decrease in blood flow, which could lead to numbness or increased pain where it is applied.

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