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Polarity was developed in the 1940s by Randolph Stone. He developed this approach after many years of studying natural medicine in Europe, India, China and America. The principle is based on the balance of positive, negative and neutral polarities. Polarity is based on the 5 Ayurvedic elements, namely Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. A polarity massage therapy session aims to harmonize the body’s vital energy.


Polarity massage creates deep relaxation in the receiver and helps to reduce muscle tension. It can also help to improve sleep, calm the mind and reduce the effects of stress on the body.


The massage is given over the clothing; you do not need to undress for it. In a relaxing atmosphere, the receiver lies comfortably on a massage table. The therapist, with a gentle touch, applies low, medium or high pressure to different parts of the body.

Polarity Réseau des massothérapeutes

Always place both hands on the receiver’s body to work with the polarities present. The therapist works to connect the two points on which they place their hands.


The contraindications for polarity are the same as for most techniques: fever, infection, wounds or skin problems and a history of heart disease. It is also advisable not to receive a polarity treatment for 3 months after surgery.

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