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Contract templates

Standard contract template

A contract ensures that all parties agree on their responsibilities. In addition to creating a clear and precise agreement, it helps manage risk.

Where applicable, each contract should include:

  • The names of the two parties involved in the contract (person or company, formalized by their respective signatures);
  • The description of the service or product to which both parties are committed (deliverables, conditions to be met, duration, accessibility restrictions, location of the activity, period of the activity, etc.);
  • The description of costs and the total amount (hourly wage, lump sum, costs of services and products, etc.);
  • Applicable taxes (detailed) and other management fees;
  • Payment and reimbursement terms and conditions;
  • The policy on down payments and cancellations;
  • Any other relevant clauses (confidentiality, non-disclosure clause, assignment, termination, amendment, applicable laws, contractual documents, subcontracting, penalties, etc.)
Modèles de contrat - Réseau des massothérapeutes

Examples of contracts

Here are some sample contracts that can help you in your professional relationships and in your communications with other professionals for your clients’ treatments. The documents are in .doc format so you can modify and customize them.

Contrat de travail - Réseau des massothérapeutesEmployment contract 

Employment contract (in French only) between an employer and an employee. It describes the provisions regarding pay, hours, vacation, etc.

Convention de location - Réseau des massothérapeutesLease agreement 

Lease agreement (in French only) between a clinic or centre owner and
a self-employed worker.

Consentement pour divulgation d’information - Réseau des massothérapeutesConsent for disclosure of information

To be completed and signed by a client when he or she must consent to have his or her file
disclosed to another professional.

You can also consult our blog post to get inspiration in writing an intervention report.

The Réseau does not hold any responsibility for the content of these documents, which are intended to be informative and non-legal. Once the contracts have been completed, you should have them validated by a relevant authority.